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Leighton Duffin
Tom Kunzler

Online marketing ninja, web developer, and entrepreneur, in his spare time, Tom spends time with his family, reads, gardens, works on other tech business ideas, and serves in the local community.

With a strong background in Quality Assurance, Leighton codes websites that are up to the highest quality standards. When he isn't behind a computer, you can find him helping his family, working in his yard, or trying out for the role of Santa Claus. He also loves reading Brandon Sanderson books.


These are just a few of the people that make things happen for you. We get along well together. We are effective coding machines (well, those that write code anyway). Most of us has been working in code and tech industry for at least the last several years, and some much longer!

James Jensen
Jed Smith

Jed enjoys JavaScript, data science, hardware, and everything in between. Jed also enjoys teaching others about technology whether it is his college students, makerspace at the local library, or his own children. In his free time you might find him hiking, camping, or automating something around his house.

James loves to make API's and automation gadgets. He gets a kick out of board games, gardening, and when possible going to the ocean.  He and his family like to go camping and play water sports.

Database and data integrity expert. He wins all the triathlons that involve food.

Microsoft code expert. Gets it done. Has class.

Adam Gedeborg
Bryan Jensen
Mike Miller

Over 10 years in hacking and web development. Specialized business solutions provider. Office gopher and fishing enthusiast. 

Ken Earl
Dell Jensen

Wearer of many hats - including entrepreneur and market researcher.

Super-coder and all-round fantastic guy.

Our first 12-year-old contracted coder. This kid is awesome!

Gabe Kunzler
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