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We helped this existing project on the front-end and some of the back-end which was a mix of ruby and PHP.  A fun project for us to create some custom functionality.


We also converted this page from a PSD to html/CSS/javascript.

Link: http://www.scorekeepersmusic.com

Tech Stack: Ruby, PHP, jQuery

Gas Control System

This project involved many custom controller functions to fit the business rules of a gas control system API.  Tests were made to ensure it was stable.  (Don't want gas systems to explode!).  Our part of this project was mostly to assist another team with the server and client side.

Screencast: http://screencast.com/t/ouJgM3B0i

Tech Stack: MEAN.js, Angularjs, WebSockets, MongoDB

Task Master

We needed a task distribution system to run idempotent tasks across many systems.  our master/slave approach communicates via Websockets.  The system handles large amounts of tasks that are prioritized and ensures task dependencies are met.  A small footprint program that does the job! One of our developers wrote about it on his blog.

Github: https://github.com/onlinebydesign/taskmaster

Tech Stack: Nodejs, Websockets, MongoDB

Sage Cart


Sage cart was built in conjunction with Sage Data Exchange.  We built the shopping cart which integrates with the Sage Data Exchange.  The demo is not fully functional but it does sync with an actual Sage 100 ERP system.

Link: http://sagecart.org

Tech Stack: Codeigniter, Backbonejs

EZR Stock Analysis

EZR Stocks is a data analysis platform that interprets stock market data and creates visualizations to help you make investment decisions.

The goal of our stock market data analysis is to process and model data to discover information that makes it easier to make the right decisions more often.

Link: https://ezrstocks.com

Tech Stack: Nodejs, MongoDB, TaskMaster, SocketIO

Inventory Control

Online By Design has worked with inventory systems to provide cost effective, cutting-edge tools to save time and boost sales. In addition to tracking inventory, these tools also keep websites updated and integrate with or have CRMs and/or ERPs to manage customer lists, invoices, puchase orders and contracts.

Tech Stack: Nodejs, MySQL, MongoDB

My Librivox

A simple app to experiment with reactjs.  A work in progress.


Github: https://github.com/jedsmithobd/my-librivox

Tech Stack: Nodejs, Reactjs

Dragon Sheet

To assist paper and pencil gaming groups we built an online digital character sheet flexible page layout and customizable content to help eliminate the need of learning complex game rules.

This tool is one of our in-house projects and will be released in the future with campaign tools to enhance the gaming experience.

Link: http://dragonsheet.com

Tech Stack: Strongloop, Angular 2

LeapFox Learning


LeapFox Learning provides in-person training in business critical technologies. We built their current website for them in Drupal. We added custom pages, content, and widgets. Of particular note they have a custom course offerings menu leveraging easily recognized product icons, multilayered menu to allow access to their deep list of course offerings and customized services.

Link: http://www.leapfoxlearning.com

Tech Stack: Drupal

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